Why Hana Teppanyaki

We chose the name Hana Teppanyaki for our restaurant because of its special significance. In Japanese the word hana means “flower” and teppanyaki means “iron plate grilling”, an authentic Japanese style of cooking. By combining the cheerfulness of the cherry blossom in our logo with the unique and open style of grilling that the teppanyaki is known for, we have attempted to create a relaxing, entertaining, and enjoyable atmosphere. With aromas of fresh ingredients, spices and sauces filling the air, with enhanced flavors in our menu items, we hope you will have a pleasant dining experience.

As owners of Hana Teppanyaki, we have brought with us twenty years experience working in the most of famous and authentic Japanese restaurants in the United States. We have lived in South Carolina for several year, and we now reside in nearby Carolina Forest. The convenient location that we have chosen for this Japanese restaurant in Myrtle Beach will allow us to serve workers in the local business community as well as our many friends and neighbors in Myrtle Beach. We look forward to the pleasure of meeting you , either when you dine in with us or simply do Take Out.

~Mickie and Stanley


About Our Entrees

We only use USDA Choice Beef, Tender Chicken Breasts and the Highest Quality Seafood. All steaks are cut from loins in-house. We know you can taste the difference! All our dipping sauces are homemade. All our food is MSG free!